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In part 1 of The Return of Baxter Street as a Dining Destination (July 2019) we highlighted in a two-block section of Baxter, six locally owned restaurants. As promised in part 2 we wanted to do more to highlight three, Asian-influenced establishments within walking distance of one another on Baxter.

D92 Korean BBQ (1080 Baxter Street) is the third location of this Duluth-based Korean restaurant group. The building has been sleekly redesigned with an un-adorned, modern interior. Each table has a hibachi-style gas grill in its middle and a high-powered fan right above it to reduce smoke and excess aromas.

To compliment your meal, D92 offers small dishes orbanchan that make dining in a Korean restaurant so tasty and welcoming.  Of course Kimchi, fermented similarly to sauerkraut is a given at all Korea eateries.

At lunch, you can order bibimbap, a combo of veggies and meat served over rice, for $8–$12, depending on whether you want bulgogi, beef and egg, or the spicy pork or chicken. When you factor in the complimentary banchan, it’s a great deal. Also you cannot go wrong with their Bento-stylelunch box meals as a satisfying “first exposure” to the best D92 has to offer.

The evening menu at $30-$40 per person is a bit pricey by Athens standards. Choose a half-order if you are concerned about serving size or price. You can always have leftovers boxed up. At lunch or dinner, you’ll get a great combination of flavor and texture, served with a trio of Asian style-sauces to delight most palettes. If you are confused by the variety of choices, ask your server for help, but beware, their idea of “spicy” may be a lot hotter than you expect.

Both The Table Bistro and Just Pho & More are hidden gems, serving amazing food with very hospitable service. Both are owned and operated by a husband and wife team of Asian descent. TheTable(1075 Baxter Street) is our favorite place to eat in Athens.Typically the owner Jenny Oh will be your greeter and server when you arrive. Each imaginative dish is prepared from scratch by the owner/chef, Bill Oh.  And, yes, you will have to wait, as it takes time to cook really good food. Every order arrives perfectly executed and beautifully presented.The cozy, but classy interior seats no more than twenty-five patrons, and provides a great opportunity to talk or share the events of your busy day. Relax! Eat! Enjoy!

Just Pho & More (1063 Baxter Street) operates in the corner of an older strip mall on Baxter.  Mr. Ching and Ms. Twee are originally from North Vietnam. They bring their love of Vietnamese cooking and their cultural heritage to make the best Pho in Athens. Each excellent, flavorful broth is made to order and chock full of delicious, tender meat, noodles and vegetables.

With so much to choose from, you can’t really go wrong. Don’t miss the Vietnamese rice plates comprised of a selection of grilled or cooked meat, a vegetable salad, and an optional fried egg that are served over steamed white rice and topped with their house fish sauce. Yum! Yum!

The era of Baxter Street, as a revolving door with one restaurant after another failing in the same location is no more! Bon Appetit on Baxter!

Art and Connie Crawley
Connie and Art describe themselves as Urban Food Explorers on the hunt for locally owned eateries featuring reasonably priced menus with friendly service and authentic, homemade or culturally inspired dishes. They find these hidden treasures in older neighborhood strip malls, or as stand-alone restaurants in refurbished buildings.


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