Sign up to be a docent at the art museum

The Georgia Museum of Art (GMOA) is recruiting new docents for the fall of 2019. Docents lead tours of the museum for both children and adults and participate in continuing education sessions throughout their training. Training typically is held over several Monday mornings from 10 a.m.-12 noon. Docents are taught about new exhibits as well as ways to lead interesting, informative tours. No art background is necessary: all that is required is an openness to new ideas, curiosity, and interest in joining the community! If interested, email Emily Hogrefe-Ribeiro at or go to and fill out an application. Docent meetings begin in August following the start of UGA’s classes.

South Campus’ Hidden Treasure

The Trial Gardens on UGA’s campus, located just behind Snelling Dining Commons, is the annual host of a competition between plants and the southeastern summer. The garden tests the newest varieties of annuals from top plant breeders from all over the world and puts perennials to the test to find those that stand up to southeastern heat and humidity. Those plants with the most endurance are recognized with a Classic City Garden Award. The Trial Gardens are open to visitors all year at 1030 Green St. For more information, visit 

AARP tips for screening spam calls 

* Experts suggest remaining silent when answering calls from unknown numbers. While voice-activated calls will either launch a prerecorded message or transfer you to a live operator, saying nothing usually will disconnect the call without the threat of a follow-up from that number. * There are also plenty of apps that smartphone users can download to flag and block phony calls or texts. Some cost a certain amount per month to use, but others can be downloaded and used for free. 

* To block specific individual callers on an iPhone, open the phone app, tap the circled “i” icon to the right of the spam phone number, and select the option “Block this Caller.” For Android phones, enter the phone app, tap the selected number, go to “Details” and select “Block Number.” 

* For landline users, trying pressing *77 to block “anonymous” or “private” numbers. To deactivate that setting, simply press *87. In general, avoid calls that promise to lower debt or credit card rates, offer free vacations or time-shares, or are imitating a government or utility.  

Baby Boomer households are increasing

Between 2010 and 2018, the number of householders between ages 65 and 74 increased by 44%, making up 58% of the nation’s 10 million new householders throughout those years.


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