BoomAthens Magazine, which launched in July 2016, won two Awards of Excellence at the North American Mature Publishers Association (NAMPA) convention in Orlando, Fla. on Oct. 8. BoomAthens is a bi-monthly lifestyle publication and website for people 50+ in Athens and surrounding counties. “It’s an honor to be recognized on...
Boomer men and their sports

Game Changers Sports remain a lifelong passion for many men

Along the journey from boys to men, playing sports is a constant for many that shapes character, and adds value to life. As time brings inevitable changes, the relationship that some men have with...
Dale Lieske (l) and John Muthe are both members of the new OLLI Special Interest Group for retired men

Wise men band together

Blazing new trails, two different men’s groups in Athens are forging new ways to connect with each other and their significant others.
Integrating high school athletics in Athens

Athens High 1965: Integrating high school athletics in Athens

This article was previously printed in the Winter issue of Zebra Magazine. It has been edited for length.  Alan Morse’s father was skeptical of him transferring from all-black Athens Industrial/Burney Harris to Athens High in...
Doc Eldridge

Facing alcoholism

While confidentiality and privacy are signature aspects of most 12-step recovery programs for alcohol and drug abuse, former Chamber director and former Athens mayor, Doc Eldridge, feels no qualms about sharing his journey with...
The male approach to difficult diagnoses

Fix It, Now! The male approach to difficult diagnoses

"If it’s broken, you fix it,” he said. That was my husband’s response after being told he failed a cardiac stress test. Apparently, plaque buildup in a couple of his coronary arteries sounded an alarm....

Healthy Us

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

New guidelines for bone density testing may discourage men

Newly updated guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services task force suggests all women 65 and...

Summer grilling may raise blood pressure risk

Many people switch from stove to grill in the warmer months, but Harvard Health Publishing...

A tipping point for developing high blood pressure

While conventional wisdom suggests blood pressure rises gradually as we age, that’s not true for...
Increased waistline linked to increased fall risk

Increased waistline linked to increased fall risk

Older adults who carry their weight around their middle (apple shape) may have a higher...
Firearms can be deadlier in elderly hands

Firearms can be deadlier in elderly hands

Health care providers are trained to ask older patients with dementia about driving, but not...
Men and effects of untreated mental illness

It’s killing men: The effects of untreated mental illness

Men are more likely to suffer from the stigma that emotional struggles are a sign...


Guest Column

What happens when you tell ten old guys they must do hard exercise for hours on end, then if they do well, they must do the same thing all over again … and again. Probably, they would choose to have a nap instead. A strange thing happened on the way...


Boomers Write

BoomAthens Meetup

In This Issue

In This Issue: Vol.2, No. 4

Things change for all of us as we age, but Boomer-era men, perhaps more than any of us, are faced with some challenges they...
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