Cathy Payne with mama hog and piglets.

Author! Author! Boomer writers abound.

Following their passions and learning the book business Writing the Great American Novel may be a pipe dream for those of us in later life, but for boomers with a message or a mission, publishing...
The Altamaha River along the Woodpecker Trail.

The Woodpecker Trail, Part 2 – The Southern Leg

The Fall 2018 issue of BoomAthens carried our piece about the northern part of Georgia’s historic Woodpecker Trail (Highway 121). Now we visit the 140-mile southern half of this scenic roadway that has been in continuous...
Virginia Carver

To everything there is a season. Some thoughts on inner harvesting

There’s a small branching plant with clusters of yellow pods that burst open in the fall to reveal intense orange, jewel-like berries. In Indiana where I grew up, we loved to gather this and...

Food and Facts

Smoked Salmon Tartare

Have some history with your food

One significant advantage of being over 50 is no longer having to cook daily for family. But for those who enjoy cooking, or even those who don’t, there are still times it’s necessary –...

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Healthy Us

Flu Season

Healthy Us Fall 2019

Time to get your flu shot The flu is already starting to show up in emergency rooms and hospitals throughout Georgia so now is the time to take preventative action. Everyone six months and older...



Stop the Greed

Important Message from AARP. Stop Rx Greed.

Dear Boom Athens Readers, This may not come as a surprise to many of you, but Americans pay the highest brand-name drug prices in the...

Get in the Game!

Football season is here again! It’s wonderful to see all the additional people that come to Athens to participate in a shared event. I’m especially...
Laurel Alberty

Failure to follow my own advice

I began my financial planning career in 1999. I enthusiastically assisted my clients in planning for their future, and I did my best to...
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