Activism Then and Now

Activism Then and Now

Many baby boomers were swept up in the tides of change beginning in the 1960s and 1970s, marching, protesting, meeting, boycotting, organizing, letter-writing, petitioning – getting arrested. It was a heady time but as...
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Who will care for us?

A PBS report last summer painted an alarming picture of the pressures that are building on the home care industry. Caring for the aged has historically been “women’s work,” and for that reason, underpaid....
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How’s your reading life

Retirement brings changes – for many of us, it’s a newfound wealth of unencumbered time. We spend that wealth lavishly, of course, on our commitments, from social justice and political work, service to our...
Garden in winter

The Garden in Winter

Each season at The State Botanical Garden has its own charms. One of the most interesting strolls on a chilly Winter day is through the Dunson Native Flora Garden where deciduous trees have shed...

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Healthy Us

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Healthy Us

New dry mouth treatment, New drugs to treat sexual health in women, The critical test doctors never order, Turn off the TV!, Heart attacks have beginnings, Heart attacks have beginnings, Check your inflammation levels.



Embrace Change

As we look back through life, it’s sometimes amazing to see how far we’ve come and how many things changed along the way. Indeed,...

In This Issue Vol. 3, No. 1

It’s so nice to have four seasons – I can’t imagine living in Florida. So, here we are in the middle of winter, and...
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