Not stopping now! Boomers in business continue to disrupt aging stereotypes. Those of us over 50 are among the country’s most active entrepreneurs, starting businesses at rates higher than millennials. Read profiles of area boomers in business.
John Bleyle, Larry Hudson, John Timmons at Athens Regional Library

Letters from Vietnam: 1967 & 1968. A follow up

In response to Myrna Adams West’s two articles about the letters she and her brother Fred exchanged while he was in Vietnam, several readers reached out to share their responses with Myrna and BoomAthens....
Jenay Beer, professor and researcher, holds robots used in IG pilot project

Institute of Gerontology works to reframe aging

With institutional roots dating back over 50 years, the Institute of Gerontology (IOG) at UGA’s College of Public Health (CPH) is at the forefront of aging research, and as the first baby boomers begin...
Types of hearing aids

Everybody mumbles! Hearing loss affects most of us as we age

Most of us don’t realize how bad our hearing loss is, says Dr. Holly Kaplan, clinical professor and audiologist at the UGA Speech and Hearing Clinic. Typically, it’s gradual and high frequency in nature...
The Athens Republique

The Athens Republique: A window on 1920s African-American life

Athens Republique? French in the title of a 1920s newspaper serving African-American communities in the Athens area seems an odd choice until you learn about its editor, Lt. Julian Lucasse Brown, just back from service in France during the First...
Cine Nonprofit cinema and arts venue

Unique downtown movie theatre under threat. Crowdfunding campaign underway

Recall Jackson Browne’s 1977 song The Load Out: “We do so many shows in a row And these towns all look the same.” The last line underscores why many Athenians want to save unique places like...

Healthy Us

The New Shingles Vaccine

The new shingles vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people 50 and older, including...
Ask about your medicines

Questions to ask about your medicines

The National Institute on Aging suggests you ask your doctor seven questions before leaving the...

FUNctional Training. Two orthopedic practices merge.

FUNctional Training Increase strength, improve balance, move better and feel energized with FUNctional Training. The classes...
Financial bill of rights

A financial bill of rights for patients

Elizabeth Rosenthal, a former physician and now editor-in-chief of Kaiser Health News, recently wrote an...

Autoimmune diseases a major U.S. health crisis

According to the National Institutes of Health, there are 23.5 million Americans who suffer from...
Screening mammograms

Screening Mammograms: One recommendation may not fit all

The Harvard Health Blog recently pointed out that official guidelines on when and how often...



From the Publisher

The Better Death I was recently honored to be asked to address the graduates of the Certificate program at the UGA Institute of Gerontology, part of the College of Public Health. They are graduate students who must complete 18 credit hours in public health, and the social, psychological and biological...


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