Some say there’s a virtue to aging gracefully, easing placidly into Golden Years. But for some daring Athens residents, life is about saving the best for last and they can’t wait to see what’s next. Boomers, as a generational group, have a history of embracing change; once upon a time...
Letters From a Vietnam Soldier to His Sister Back Home

Letters from Vietnam, 1968: Love that knows no boundaries.

In January and February 1968 while I was sleeping snug and warm in my dorm at Tift College, my brother Frederick was spending nights in frozen foxholes at Camp Lejeune, N.C. He had to...
Larry Hudson

My Vietnam Decision: Join or Be Drafted

Larry Hudson had never contemplated going to college — it wasn’t a common goal for African American young men when he graduated from segregated Burney Harris High School in 1967. But, it was an uncommon time....
Jim Marshall

My Vietnam Decision: Deferment and Luck

The year 1969 was not altogether different from this year — the country was deeply divided by politics, race, culture, geography, and most especially, by generation. In September of that year, I was beginning...
Livability Where shall we age

Livability. Where shall we age?

While our parents may have lived out their adult lives in the same home and community they raised us in, adding a ramp and picking up a few throw rugs as time went by...

Healthy Us

Having a plan if your mind fades

Having a plan if your mind fades

Most people have heard of standard advance directives, which designate a decisionmaker to direct medical...
Ya got to have friends

“Ya got to have friends”

So sang Bette Midler in the 1970s and it turns out to be prescient for...
Broken heart syndrome is real

Broken heart syndrome is real

Originally known as “takotsubo cardiomyopathy,” broken heart syndrome is relatively common. People with this syndrome...
Fish dinner high in protein

Lift weights, and eat more protein. How to become physically stronger.

The New York Times recently highlighted the results of a comprehensive scientific review of research...
Free Yoga Classes

Life is Short, Play More. Yoga in the Blue Zone.

Athens cardiologist Subodh Agrawal is participating in the Human Yoga Project and wants to create a Blue Zone in the Athens area.
Sjogren Awareness Month-3

April is Sjogren’s Awareness Month

The second most common rheumatic autoimmune disease is one called Sjogren’s, (pronounced SHOW-grins), and nine...



From the Publisher

Treasures are found while recently perusing the boxes of unorganized pictures and ephemera left by a mother decades ago. In the disarray, along with elementary school report cards and handwritten Mother’s Day cards, a yellowed newspaper article cut out on the day after Franklin Roosevelt died is worth reading again during today's divisive times.


Think Twice About That Over The Hill Birthday Cards

Disrupt Aging. New book challenges outdated stereotypes.

AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins challenges outdated stereotypes about getting older in her 2017 book Disrupt Aging: A Bold New Path to Living Your...
Elizabeth King Turns 100

How to live to 100. Athens’ Elizabeth King Celebrates!

How does one become a centenarian? Running up and down a basketball court, coaching girls’ basketball for decades is probably a good start, and,...
At-risk adults have some protection

At-risk adults have some protection

The Ga. Division of Aging Services has recently created a certification program to equip primary and secondary responders with the knowledge and skills to...
Age-related legislation 2018-2019

Age-related legislation 2018-2019

We won’t know until March 29, the last day of the legislative session, whether any of the bills proposed by the Georgia Council on...

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May 22 election:April 24 registrationMay 22 election/April 24 registration

Georgians go to the polls on May 22 to vote in either a general primary, nonpartisan general election, or any special elections.

The registration deadline for that election is April 24. Early voting begins April 30.

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